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What is Confidence In Motion?




It is a program designed to combine the mind, body, and soul into one. A mixture of affirmative life skills, cardio, and strength training. The idea is for students to use this class as a way to remove mental blocks from an area of their life through moving the energy in their body. Our bodies store a lot of subconscious beliefs on a cellular level which can hinder our progress in life. If we are able to identify areas in our bodies where we physically store limited beliefs then we are able to break those beliefs up through focusing on that area. Cardio is designed to pump the heart rate up and this gets stuck energy out of your system. Ever danced when you weren’t feeling good and you felt better? Its because you moved that energy! Strength training helps to build muscles in the body which registers to the body as confidence in your image. This allows you to push through obstacles  in other areas of your life because you have witnessed your body overcome physical challenges. These different strategies can benefit your spiritual practice because your body is a vessel that is sacred. When you see your body as sacred, it attracts experiences in your life to mirror that level of confidence.

 Mentally stimulating confidence boosting activities:


  1. Designed to increase willpower.

  2. Uses affirmative words to shift thinking patterns in a supportive way.

  3. A development of alternative life skills that can help you overcome everyday challenges.

  4. A safe and supportive environment with others who are also building their confidence.

Cardio and strength training:


  1. Activities that will boost your heart rate and increase your energy.

  2. Stretches that will allow you to become more grounded in your body.

  3.  Strength activities to increase your mental focus and body strength.

  4. Toning of your physical body.

Ways to use the body as a form of increasing your spiritual practice:


Mindful activities that relaxes the mind and brings the heart rate back down to a level of peace and calmness.

  1. Methods to connect with your "inner knowing" also known as your intuition.

  2. Acts of self love which improves your quality of life.

  3. An alternative perspective to your self care routine

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Fall 2019

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