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Throughout my extensive career as an educator, I've been given the opportunity to work closely with teachers, principals, students, and outside organizations that offer educational services. Most research was gained as an after-school program director, which allowed me to extract tools that are beneficial for educators  to create safe and supportive environments.

By using the Weickart YPQI assessment tool, it allows me to assess the quality of lesson delivery that is being offered to students. I use that assessment to build a coaching dialogue with educators accompanied with my mindfulness coaching model. This empowers the teachers through teaching them alternative behavior strategies for students and promotes wellness within themselves. The key is positive relationship building and an ability to communicate effectively.

This training is ideal for:

  • First year teachers who need support in their development.

  • Teachers who scored low on previous school year evaluations.

  • Principals who want someone who can work 1:1 with teachers.

  • Educators who struggle with behavior management.

  • Educators who want new and engaging teaching strategies.

  • All education programs that work after-school.

  • School that are located within the Bay Area



  • It has been found that aside from money, there are three main motivators that keep employees happy at their jobs: Mastery, Autonomy, and Purpose, as coined by Daniel Pink in his book, "Drive: the Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us" explains.

  • Employees also have everyday life demands outside of work that can diminish their drive for optimum job performance. This disrupts their social and emotional connection to students and overall work environment. 

  • In my training, I will address the goal of the employer and the needs of the educators to come up with a solution that will increase job performance and give the employees a sense of satisfaction.

Teacher Assisting a Student


The goal is for educators to understand the components of effective communication, improved equanimity, and the results of staying focus on their goals as an individual and a collective.

Effective Communication: How to provide proper constructive feedback.

Improved Equanimity: It is the important of working as a team, strategies on how to work with "difficult" students, and creating balance within themselves. 

Staying Focus: Focus intention is important as it provides for better results in reaching a goal.


Sharing Student


Aside from being a holistic business owner, I have professional experience:


  • Managing a staff in a high paced environment

  • Over 10 years in education

  • Professional live speaking experience.

  • Professional Coaching Experience.

  • Associate Degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Education

Combining those aspects, alongside my keen eye for detail, people skills, and ability to articulate messages well has led me to creating this platform. 

Sharing Student


If you would like to inquire more details then send an email to 


I look forward to shifting your organization in a positive direction.

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