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Welcome to the Wolfe Tribe

Welcome to the Wolfe Tribe!

I am a firm believer in community spirit and the power of like minded people creating change so I decided to form a space where others who identify with that same belief system could learn and grow. In this area, I will upload exclusive content which includes two monthly videos that will allow you to engage with other Wolfe Tribe members. This space is a dialogue and every voice is appreciated for learning and teaching. Our social media platforms are other places where we can create change so engaging with content and spreading our messages are important in the influencing of positive vibes. Follow us on social media if you aren't already doing so. Be proud that you are part of something greater!

I don't believe in a singular mindset so I hold space for others to come to their own conclusion and I would appreciate others respecting our value system as well. The Wolfe Tribe is different because we are able to co-create with others while holding ourselves accountable. In our Wolfe Tribe Portal, you will also get access to exclusive content that will assist you on your journey as a token of my appreciation for your participation in our group.

1. Two uploaded masterclasses.

2. Engagement with other Wolfe Tribe Members

3. Two exercises geared towards the theme of the month.

4. Interactive activities that allow you to show your authenticity.

5 An opportunity to professionally network with others.

6. A space of belonging.

Violating others intentionally will cancel your continued membership and forfeit your monthly subscription cost due to your own mishandling of others. Please reach out to London Wolfe personally if you feel that others are violating our value system. This group is set up for you to feel supported and accepted on your soul growth journey.

On social media use these hashtags to show your support of others:

#wolfetribe #sensualfriday #confidenceinmotionwednesday #practicalmonday #spiritualsunday ....this way we can find each other and spread the word.

So glad to have each of you and we are cousins now!

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