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Emotional Recovery

Restoring Self-Love Within YOU

  • 1 hour
  • 99 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

You may have experienced childhood trauma, bad relationships, sexual trauma, gender bashing, and/or other events that hurt you deeply. You have molded your life around surviving trauma. You hardly feel safe within yourself and rarely trust others so you may sabotage connections before things can go "bad" for you. Those experiences were designed for this very moment: YOUR COMEBACK SEASON! I'm here to provide: 1. Emotional support for empaths who need to set healthier boundaries with others. 2. I will provide tools and resources designed to assist with PTSD from emotional trauma including domestic violence that will help you take back your power from your abuser(s). 3. I will help you see your self-worth so that you can find your victory in situations that felt traumatic. 4. A safe space for those who are "gender fluid", that has been rejected from society. 5. We'll uncover any childhood trauma that hinders you from having safe and supportive connections. This is about your healing now. Disclaimer: I will not diagnose or suggest anything medicinally or medically. I would tell you to seek professional help as I am not certified in any medical field to do so. I will also not advise you legally because I don't have a legal background. This is purely emotional support and self-help guidance.

Cancellation Policy

There is no refund for missed appointments on behalf of any clients who miss them due to personal reasons. Person(s) may reschedule an appointment instead according to my availability in my calendar. I also have the right to refuse to work with any client who doesn't adhere to guidelines. It is all about providing optimum service and that is my number one priority.

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